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Danielle Steel – Author For the Brain Dead

How does this woman sell millions of books when she uses a retread of previous storylines and literally (pun intended) flogs a dead horse. Anything by Danielle Steel I find disappointing. Miss Steel writes formulaic plots and churns out novels … Continue reading

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The Rock of Sisyphus

Piles of books I am avoiding giving the house a good and thorough cleaning. There, I've confessed before the whole world that I'm less than perfect. Why am I avoiding this task? Because it seems so daunting. If I would … Continue reading

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The Beginning of My Memoir

Vintage Portrait Photo Picture of a Little Blonde Girl in a Room of Plants and Sunshine The girl was born on the Saturday of the Michigan/Ohio State game at kick-off time. The ob-gyn had season tickets and was hot to … Continue reading

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I live in Southwest Florida.  We have large insects and bugs.  Tonight, as I was making my way in to the bathroom for a shower I was confronted with a huge, hairy spider the size of my hand.  He was … Continue reading

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Laura Ingraham – Right Wing White Trash Author

Why Larry King saw fit to have Laura Ingraham on his show tonight is a mystery to me.  He is better than that.  Must he wallow in the filth of this woman before he says farewell to his respected position … Continue reading

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Obama – The View: Nixon – Laugh-In

Today, President Obama visited The View, a show airing on ABC with co-hosts Whoopi Goldberg, Barbara Walters, Joy Behar, Sherri Shepherd, and Elisabeth Hasselbeck.  It was actually a very nice appearance with discussions including personal family vignettes, and current problems the country is experiencing.  … Continue reading

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H.R.5175: DISCLOSE Act

I just received a vicious piece of email from Public Advocate of the United States crowing about the Republicans stalling the passage of the the Disclose Act, an act established to ensure that special interest groups must be identified if … Continue reading

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Glenn Beck: The Sixties Canard

I don’t often watch Glenn Beck.  Last night I tuned in out of boredom to see if he would be weeping like a baby and instead found him brandishing the Weathermen Manifesto from the 1960’s, claiming it was the blueprint for … Continue reading

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Republicans say, “Reduce the income tax on the rich.”

Republicans are hell-bent on destroy the United States. Continue reading

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The Most Annoying Commercials Ever

I can’t take it anymore! If I have to see or even hear another commercial from Progressive Insurance I will not be responsible for my actions. Progressive gives us the TV ads with Flo, the women who somewhat resembles a … Continue reading

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