Danielle Steel – Author For the Brain Dead

How does this woman sell millions of books when she uses a retread of previous storylines and literally (pun intended) flogs a dead horse.

Anything by Danielle Steel I find disappointing. Miss Steel writes formulaic plots and churns out novels at a frantic pace. In 2010 she has four separate novels being published. I've long ago given up on her drivel because it can all be condensed into the following format: girl (or woman) is self-sufficient or independently wealthy, she undergoes some sort of tragedy, she is rescued by an extremely handsome and virile man, they will either live happily ever after or she will lose him (usually to a tragedy) and she will continue on, relying on her self-sufficiency or wealth. Ta-da! The End. And for this, Danielle Steel is paid millions of dollars and hoards of women buy her books. What a sad, pathetic world we have become if we turn to this as entertainment. Notice that I refer to it as entertainment and not literature.

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