Laura Ingraham – Right Wing White Trash Author

Why Larry King saw fit to have Laura Ingraham on his show tonight is a mystery to me.  He is better than that.  Must he wallow in the filth of this woman before he says farewell to his respected position at CNN?  Ingraham was shilling her book, “The Obama Diaries,” a screed of such vitriol that no one would blame the Obamas if they sued her for defamation. 

The premise behind the book is untrue:  Ingraham claims she was getting in her car and found an envelope stuffed full of pages from diaries of Barack Obama, Michelle Obama, Joe Biden, and other members of the Obama administration.  The entries are racist and hateful.  Ingraham says the book is meant to be a parody.  She needs to look up the definition of parody in the dictionary because she has missed the mark. 

In one excerpt she read on Larry King’s show tonight, she was “quoting” from Michelle Obama’s entries, crowing about an upcoming vacation at the taxpayer’s expense and something about the gratitude the “little people” should feel when she patronizes their businesses.  My concern is that there are probably some folks who are regular Fox Noise viewers who will hear this or buy the book and actually think this tripe is real.  Why don’t we just go back to the good old days when they used to have signs in the windows of establishments that said, “No Blacks, No Irish”.

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