H.R.5175: DISCLOSE Act

I just received a vicious piece of email from Public Advocate of the United States crowing about the Republicans stalling the passage of the the Disclose Act, an act established to ensure that special interest groups must be identified if they are behind donations to political campaigns. Public Advocate maintains that passage of this bill will take away freedom of speech and is an effort by the Democrats to control the media. What they fail to admit is that the true purpose behind the bill is to provide to the American people more transparency. Without H.R.5175, corporations, both foreign and domestic, could finance advertising to promote candidates of their chosing. A candidate who inflames a corporation may be subjected to negative advertising and the public none the wiser as to the truth behind the attack.

Are we not intelligent enough to be given the facts…the real facts, not manufactured by special interest groups…can we not be trusted to go to the voting booth and make an educated selection? Why are we continuously insulted by the Republicans?

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