Glenn Beck: The Sixties Canard

I don’t often watch Glenn Beck.  Last night I tuned in out of boredom to see if he would be weeping like a baby and instead found him brandishing the Weathermen Manifesto from the 1960’s, claiming it was the blueprint for the Obama Administration’s every move.  This I had to see.  I watched as the Beckster named the Weathermen players and associated them with all the Obama policies.  Glenn had no actual facts or proof, only rhetoric and a blackboard with pictures he slapped here and there, moved around, and one photo that refused to stick making the whole effort quite comical.

I checked one thing:  Beck is fed some of his “facts” by a gentleman by the name of Phil Kerpen.  Phil Kerpen is the policy director for the polluter front group Americans for Prosperity.   Americans for Prosperity was launched and funded by foundations and family members tied to Koch Holdings LLC, which has extensive oil and chemical holdings.  One of Kerpen’s first successes was a smear campaign against Van Jones. 

Glenn Beck was born in 1964.  He was not alive when John F. Kennedy was assassinated and can hardly be relied upon to faithfully represent the ’60’s.  For those of us who were alive then. the ’60’s were a time of great turmoil.  Beloved leaders were assassinated on a routine basis.  Young men were drafted to fight in a war the majority of the country did not support.  Riots in major cities resulted in massive fires and looting.  Student riots on campuses were commonplace. 

How things have changed:  During the 2004 Presidential Election, John Kerry, who actually fought in Viet Nam was made out to be a coward while George W. Bush, who avoided serving was made out to be a hero.  Not to mention the fact that Dick Cheney, the Vice Presidential candidate, had received numerous draft deferrals.  It’s mind-boggling how the Republican-machinery can spin this stuff.

And it’s happening again.  Obama is in the White House and the special interest groups least likely to benefit from that are in overdrive making every effort to besmirch those around him.  This latest “Weathermen” attempt will play with the uneducated right-wing nutjobs, but why should it?  Why should these people be gullible and buy into this crap Glenn Beck feeds them? 

Our Founding Fathers, whom Beck pretends to represent, must surely be turning in their graves at the travesty of the Fifth Estate.

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2 Responses to Glenn Beck: The Sixties Canard

  1. Taylor Sharai says:

    What a bunch of crap….I was born in 1932…..left Southwestern Louisiana Institute in 1951 and joined the air force during the Korean situation….no sweat, no strain, “great turmoil,riots, assassinations, fires”…, Beck had video tapes to back up what he said….you must be on dope

    • dharma55 says:

      My father was born in 1931 in Michigan, also four years in the Navy in the Korean War. I was born in 1955. As I grew up in Michigan, we witnessed riots in Detroit. My father was quite upset at the assassination of President Kennedy in 1963. There were student riots in Ann Arbor (our hometown, where our family has lived since the early 1800’s) and my father had to dodge these riots to go to work. Don’t tell me that the 1960’s weren’t tumultuous. In addition, Breitbart has manufactured some of Beck’s info, most especially the ACORN stuff. Look into it. Educate yourself instead of just buying into the lies being told to you.

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