Tan Don’t Burn, Get a BP Oil Tan

Like most everyone, I have to turn my head rather than watch the spectacle of a pelican drenched in oil trying to flap its way along the muck and mire that’s become our new Gulf Coast shoreline. The tar balls haven’t reached us this far south yet, but we expect to get our share sometime this summer. It makes me sad. On Sanibel Island, not far from where I live, is J. N. Ding Darling National Wildlife Refuge. The refuge protects 220 species of birds. We visit at different times of the year to see it during the four “seasons” of Florida, but the nesting season in winter is best. Then birds from North and South America come to mate, hatch, and raise their young. It is hard for me to believe that BP may be responsible for destroying this treasure.

With a corporate culture of breaking the law and total disregard for the consequences of their actions, BP is hardly different from any other large corporation. They just had the misfortune of getting caught. They also have the misfortune of having a nitwit CEO, Tony Hayward, who has kvetched about wanting his life back and even said the oil coming ashore isn’t “their” oil. Do you see any other rigs hemorrhaging copious amounts out there, Tony? My favorite is his “food poisoning” angle. He’s blaming the illness of people tasked with skimming the oil off the water on a massive food poisoning epidemic. Ah, Tony, Tony, Tony. You are such a schmuck. Tony the Tool has remarked that the Gulf is such a big body of water, a little bit of oil won’t make a difference. Tell that to the struggling pelicans.

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