Danielle Steel – Author For the Brain Dead

How does this woman sell millions of books when she uses a retread of previous storylines and literally (pun intended) flogs a dead horse.

Anything by Danielle Steel I find disappointing. Miss Steel writes formulaic plots and churns out novels at a frantic pace. In 2010 she has four separate novels being published. I've long ago given up on her drivel because it can all be condensed into the following format: girl (or woman) is self-sufficient or independently wealthy, she undergoes some sort of tragedy, she is rescued by an extremely handsome and virile man, they will either live happily ever after or she will lose him (usually to a tragedy) and she will continue on, relying on her self-sufficiency or wealth. Ta-da! The End. And for this, Danielle Steel is paid millions of dollars and hoards of women buy her books. What a sad, pathetic world we have become if we turn to this as entertainment. Notice that I refer to it as entertainment and not literature.

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The Rock of Sisyphus

Piles of books

I am avoiding giving the house a good and thorough cleaning. There, I've confessed before the whole world that I'm less than perfect. Why am I avoiding this task? Because it seems so daunting. If I would just take it one step at a time and uncover some of the nightmares hidden in the corners under discarded magazines and piles of books, the whole thing might be accomplished rather quickly. Instead, I've made it out to be a mountain of painful unendurable hours, full of boredom and heavy lifting. If I continue to avoid this "rock of Sisyphus" it will only grow bigger in my mind.

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The Beginning of My Memoir

Vintage Portrait Photo Picture of a Little Blonde Girl in a Room of Plants and Sunshine

The girl was born on the Saturday of the Michigan/Ohio State game at kick-off time. The ob-gyn had season tickets and was hot to get out of there and see at least part of the game. So the girl was pulled out with forcepts and still has the indentations on either side of her head, just above the ears, to show for it. When told he had a daughter, the new father's first words were, "Oh, shit!" The girl knows this because it was immortalized in her baby book; the book in which her mother faithfully documented every feeding, bowel movement, vacination, and word learned.

The girl's mother was an actual, real-life ballerina. The mother had big plans for her daughter to become a star of the ballet as well. What she didn't plan on was having a total klutz for a child. The girl studied ballet for a few years but it was apparent to all it was a waste of time and money. Instead, the daughter went on to be a constant disappointment to the mother for the rest of her life, even though she excelled in school and graduated from college with a degree in a challenging course of study.

In the following chapters we will, in painful detail, delve into the excruciating childhood, teenage years, and young adulthood of this girl.

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I live in Southwest Florida.  We have large insects and bugs.  Tonight, as I was making my way in to the bathroom for a shower I was confronted with a huge, hairy spider the size of my hand.  He was waiting for me, I could tell by his menacing countenance.  Why else would a spider the size of a Buick bother to affix himself to the wall so he could easily jump on my legs as I innocently passed by?

Unfortunately, although I love my husband and he is 99% of the time a Prince Among Men, he is also a native of the state of California and a bit of a hip-pee.  Oh yes, tree hugging, don’t waste things, turn off the lights, reuse Baggies, that kind of head-in-the-clouds California person.  I am a Midwesterner, a pragmatic sort of person.  We leave lights on because in the winter it’s dark from 4pm to 7am.  I’ve worn a winter coat, mittens, and a wool hat to watch fireworks in July.  And we don’t have huge spiders.  They simply couldn’t survive the cold.

As I calmly (my screams might have broken glass except I never hit high C,) asked my husband to help with the spider, he ran to the kitchen.  Why, I’m asking myself, is he going to the kitchen when the killer spider is in the bathroom.  He comes back with a drinking glass and an envelope.  He is going to trap the spider and put it outside.  “Kill it!  Kill it!”  I shriek with dulcet tones.  He chases the swift multi-footed beast into the bedroom where it runs under the furniture. 

I have not had a good night’s sleep since.  I expect to wake to find the spider splayed across my face.  My loving husband, who has lost some of his hearing during my extremely loud efforts to get him to murder the bug, now knows what he must do the next time he sees a spider…or cockaroach.  We also get quite large cockaroaches here in Florida.  La cucaracha, la cucaracha.  Ya no puede caminar.

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Laura Ingraham – Right Wing White Trash Author

Why Larry King saw fit to have Laura Ingraham on his show tonight is a mystery to me.  He is better than that.  Must he wallow in the filth of this woman before he says farewell to his respected position at CNN?  Ingraham was shilling her book, “The Obama Diaries,” a screed of such vitriol that no one would blame the Obamas if they sued her for defamation. 

The premise behind the book is untrue:  Ingraham claims she was getting in her car and found an envelope stuffed full of pages from diaries of Barack Obama, Michelle Obama, Joe Biden, and other members of the Obama administration.  The entries are racist and hateful.  Ingraham says the book is meant to be a parody.  She needs to look up the definition of parody in the dictionary because she has missed the mark. 

In one excerpt she read on Larry King’s show tonight, she was “quoting” from Michelle Obama’s entries, crowing about an upcoming vacation at the taxpayer’s expense and something about the gratitude the “little people” should feel when she patronizes their businesses.  My concern is that there are probably some folks who are regular Fox Noise viewers who will hear this or buy the book and actually think this tripe is real.  Why don’t we just go back to the good old days when they used to have signs in the windows of establishments that said, “No Blacks, No Irish”.

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Obama – The View: Nixon – Laugh-In

Today, President Obama visited The View, a show airing on ABC with co-hosts Whoopi Goldberg, Barbara Walters, Joy Behar, Sherri Shepherd, and Elisabeth Hasselbeck.  It was actually a very nice appearance with discussions including personal family vignettes, and current problems the country is experiencing.  I found it to be quite uplifting.

Pat Buchanan, on the other hand, passed judgment on this prior to even seeing it, saying that the President would somehow destroy the “majesty” of the office by appearing.  Pat must have forgotten the neck rub George W. Bush administered to German Chancellor Angela Merkel at the G-8 Summit. 

I know Nixon was not yet President when he made his infamous appearance on “Laugh-In”. but who can forget his majestic “Sock it to me?” 

Pat, you know not of wherefore thou speaketh.

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H.R.5175: DISCLOSE Act

I just received a vicious piece of email from Public Advocate of the United States crowing about the Republicans stalling the passage of the the Disclose Act, an act established to ensure that special interest groups must be identified if they are behind donations to political campaigns. Public Advocate maintains that passage of this bill will take away freedom of speech and is an effort by the Democrats to control the media. What they fail to admit is that the true purpose behind the bill is to provide to the American people more transparency. Without H.R.5175, corporations, both foreign and domestic, could finance advertising to promote candidates of their chosing. A candidate who inflames a corporation may be subjected to negative advertising and the public none the wiser as to the truth behind the attack.

Are we not intelligent enough to be given the facts…the real facts, not manufactured by special interest groups…can we not be trusted to go to the voting booth and make an educated selection? Why are we continuously insulted by the Republicans?

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Glenn Beck: The Sixties Canard

I don’t often watch Glenn Beck.  Last night I tuned in out of boredom to see if he would be weeping like a baby and instead found him brandishing the Weathermen Manifesto from the 1960’s, claiming it was the blueprint for the Obama Administration’s every move.  This I had to see.  I watched as the Beckster named the Weathermen players and associated them with all the Obama policies.  Glenn had no actual facts or proof, only rhetoric and a blackboard with pictures he slapped here and there, moved around, and one photo that refused to stick making the whole effort quite comical.

I checked one thing:  Beck is fed some of his “facts” by a gentleman by the name of Phil Kerpen.  Phil Kerpen is the policy director for the polluter front group Americans for Prosperity.   Americans for Prosperity was launched and funded by foundations and family members tied to Koch Holdings LLC, which has extensive oil and chemical holdings.  One of Kerpen’s first successes was a smear campaign against Van Jones. 

Glenn Beck was born in 1964.  He was not alive when John F. Kennedy was assassinated and can hardly be relied upon to faithfully represent the ’60’s.  For those of us who were alive then. the ’60’s were a time of great turmoil.  Beloved leaders were assassinated on a routine basis.  Young men were drafted to fight in a war the majority of the country did not support.  Riots in major cities resulted in massive fires and looting.  Student riots on campuses were commonplace. 

How things have changed:  During the 2004 Presidential Election, John Kerry, who actually fought in Viet Nam was made out to be a coward while George W. Bush, who avoided serving was made out to be a hero.  Not to mention the fact that Dick Cheney, the Vice Presidential candidate, had received numerous draft deferrals.  It’s mind-boggling how the Republican-machinery can spin this stuff.

And it’s happening again.  Obama is in the White House and the special interest groups least likely to benefit from that are in overdrive making every effort to besmirch those around him.  This latest “Weathermen” attempt will play with the uneducated right-wing nutjobs, but why should it?  Why should these people be gullible and buy into this crap Glenn Beck feeds them? 

Our Founding Fathers, whom Beck pretends to represent, must surely be turning in their graves at the travesty of the Fifth Estate.

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Republicans say, “Reduce the income tax on the rich.”


Republicans would like us to believe that the soon-to-expire tax breaks for 5% of Americans will actually affect the other 95%.  Their vague rhetoric seems to indicate the  tax breaks benefit far more taxpayers than they actually do.  Republicans also posit that reducing the tax burden on the wealthy few will result in more jobs.  Let me tell you a story about a wealthy person and how he’s dealing with the awful economic situation we currently are experiencing.

I worked for a gentleman who owns five companies and makes more than one million dollars per year.  This man benefits from the S-Corp form of company organization because the income from his companies is passed to him on his personal returns to be taxed at the much lower personal rate.  In addition, he has the company pay many of his personal expenses (in violation of IRS tax code,) thus he avoids paying tax on the majority of his income.  He has been routinely defrauding the government and has not been caught. 

When his companies began to experience hardship, as nearly everyone has in the past three years, his remedy was to lay off employees.  Several of us have been without work for some time and the remaining employees were forced to take drastic pay cuts.  You ask why people would take the pay cuts rather than leave the job?  Because here in Florida, THERE ARE NO JOBS!  Employers are having a field day cutting the pay of employees while they themselves are not suffering financially.

My former employer bought a new private plane soon after laying me off.  He bought a new condo in Chicago.  He continues to siphon off the proceeds of the companies to maintain his luxurious lifestyle.  He has cut corners only in matters that negatively affect his employees.  He no longer contributes to the pension fund.  He tries to cut corners by discontinuing computer support.  Since all his business is stored on these computers, it’s a disaster waiting to happen.  Meanwhile, private air flights, always personal and not business related, are charged to the company.  Mortgage payments for private residences are paid by the company.  Luxury cars and cellphone service are provided to family member who do not even work for the company.  He dines out five nights a week, charging all of it to the company.  He has deposited  checks made payable to the business into his personal account to hide proceeds from his business partners then has the gall to sue them for imagined slights. 

In my experience, the greed of this man will not magically “go away” should the tax code become more favorable to him.  He will simply continue his abuse of his vendors, employees, and business partners.  I also expect he is not alone in his behavior; most people in his position are happily living the high life while using the excuse of the bad economy to screw over everyone else.

When will the Republicans realize that our society is being destroyed by their continual cow-towing to these elite few?  Will it take a complete “revolution” by the 95% of the citizens who are being abused?  That day will come, no matter how much the Republicans try to side track the public with non-issues like “illegal aliens”, “abortion”, “birthers”, and Tea Party idiocy.

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The Most Annoying Commercials Ever

I can’t take it anymore! If I have to see or even hear another commercial from Progressive Insurance I will not be responsible for my actions. Progressive gives us the TV ads with Flo, the women who somewhat resembles a cook because she’s wearing an apron. She immediately acosts folks who venture in to the Progressive psuedo shopping place where policies are contained in boxes on shelves. Flo smiles insanely and even brings out “Pickles” the dog to determine appropriate coverage for the unsuspecting schlubs who dare to ask about the products offered.

Please, Progressive People, give us a break! No more Flo; no more Pickles the Dog; spare us from the idiocy of your TV ads.

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